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My recommended traders is a concept with substantial social benefit in mind. It acts as a simple networking tool to promote vibrant trade in the local community, focussing on highlighting quality workmanship and simplifying word of mouth promotion so both customers and participating traders reap respective benefits.


How many people would prefer a recommendation when looking for a tradesman ?


When you are next asked if you know of a reputable tradesman, instead of taking a name and number from your mobile phone and hoping they have a bit of paper and pen handy, you can hand them a professional business card from your holder which can include extra reassuring information such as areas of work covered, website address and even a landline number and physical address to see where the company is based.


We hope you can see the potential in this simple idea. After all, it’s just a more formal and professional way to do something that has been working in communities for many years.


Recommendation is a powerful thing !

So what’s it all about ?